Totally Tubular Photo Booth

In February, we worked an 80's RADICAL photo booth for a 50th birthday bash in Seal Beach at the Old Ranch Country Club. My husband is usually the digital tech/printer, and I, of course, operate the camera. I always LOVE an 80's theme with all the neon colors, ridiculous fashion, & of course having props of all the toys that I grew up with!

With every photo booth, I have a wide variety of props to choose from, but I usually collect a few extra photo booth props that match the theme of each party. My favorite 80's props I've collected- gigantic NERDS candy box, blow up Boombox, oversized rainbow slinky, jumbo Rubik's cube, huge Hershey's chocolate bottle, and a big Mentos mints carton (The Freshmaker!).

Here are a few of my favorites from that day...