We love the 80s

Last Thursday, we did a photo booth for Dwyer Middle School’s annual fundraiser at Fuzion in Huntington Beach. It’s a perfect add-on to a fundraiser event so donors have a print to take home & remember a fantastic evening! The theme this year was “Retro” so we went with the colorful boombox that Dwyer used on the event flyer. It’s definitely one of my favorite backdrops to date!

Most of the photo booth participants were the kids. And oh did they LOVE playing with all our crazy props! After doing numerous photo booths, it’s always entertaining to see what props they will use and how they use them! There were even a few dancers & cheerleaders, so we got them in action! Check out a few highlights below…

Comments (from 2016)

·      Lori Foxworth - What a cute photo booth idea for kids! I love these Huntington Beach fundraiser photos. The kids look like they’re having a blast, and such great colors! Perfect Queen Skittles event photos!

·      Kelly loeffler - This is an awesome photobooth for kids this age and it’s great that you helped with their fundraising event it looks like Dwyer middle schoolers had a ton of fun.

·      Amy Elizabeth - How much fun is this retro photo booth! A fundraiser photo booth is an amazing idea for an event. Retro theme parties are amazing, and to have these photographs to remember the night is priceless! Queen Skittles Photography does it again!

·      Cassie Xie - The props and the backdrop are AMAZING! The kids have such great expressions and the entire effect is totally cinematic! What an awesome contribution on your part!!

·      Tami - Dwyer Middle School is so lucky to have your talent and good heart to help them reach their financial goals. This photobooth is so bright and fun, and I wish I could teleport to the fundraiser for a little of that action! I think every middle school in Orange County should hire you for fundraisers and events!