The Story of a Photographer

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So who is “Queen”  Skittles” and where did her nickname come from?

Queen Skittles is Julie Klima Casey. For the past 20 years, Julie has dyed her hair a variety of colors- it started with blue and changed into any and all colors throughout the years! Magenta & blue, green & blue & pink, purple & red, rainbow, red & yellow & blue & green & purple- you get the idea! Her go-to colors of choice are magenta & blue. Hence, a friend named her Skittles and it stuck!

Where does the “Queen” part come in?

In 2009, Julie did her first photo booth at the historic Zorthian Ranch in Altadena for a fundraiser event. A couple of people who run the infamous Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena ( were there, met Julie, and decided – “She must be our next Queen of the Parade!” And so it was. And it was glorious! She tried out in the havoc of their crazy Doo Dah Queen tryouts and won! From thereon and so forth, she became Queen Skittles (of the 32nd Pasadena Doo Dah Parade). After her reign as queen, she began a photo series of all the Doo Dah Parade's past & present queens (check out the series here: Pasadena Doo Dah Royal Family Portraits).


Melissa & Kyle

“Julie was our wedding photographer and photo booth expert. She was literally amazing. She gave us the exact look and vibe we wanted. We were doing a retro Palm Springs wedding. She listened our ideas about colors, and poses. It was almost 100 degrees so a lot of people were fussy about pictures taking too long but she was great and got all the shots needed, plus more. Everyone commented how amazing the shots were. Plus she made our photobooth so unique. I can’t imagine this wedding without her.”

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