In December, I was finally able to shoot in snow!

Michael proposed to Alyssa on a hike in Mount Baldy, CA. He got a rock from the hiking trail, took it to an engraver, had them engrave "Alyssa, will you marry me?", and took her back another day to ask her. How cool is that?!

As an avid hiker, I was super excited to do this shoot, especially since it was to a waterfall! I had my fiance/assistant with me to help lug my bag of equipment with me. I was a little worried there might be too much snow, but it ended up being the perfect amount! It was about .75 miles each way to the waterfall and a pretty steep incline, but I didn't notice since we were having so much fun shooting.

A snowball fight, a chess game, dancing, cuddling, kissing. All captured in just a 90 minute session! I love going back through the photos and seeing how adorable a couple is when they're together- and they are a charming couple!