We met up at El Matador State Beach for Ana & Marcos’ engagement session in January...

Their little daughter Aurora was sick, so she didn’t join us that day. It was a perfect afternoon for a beach shoot! Sunny skies and few beachgoers so we didn’t have to wait to get photos without anyone else in the background. Hooray! We had a delightful time running around the beach!


To get those ever-so-important family portraits, we scheduled another session at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank a few weeks later so Aurora could join us. She was a bit sleepy at first, but then sparked up after she checked out the playground! She LOVED her parents swinging her up and down! We went out for ice cream after at Quenelle in Burbank where they sandwich ice cream between two mini funnel cakes (baked fresh)- YUM!!


I’m so excited for their wedding in October! Besides seeing Ana in a beautiful dress and Marcos looking dapper, I always love seeing a couple’s daughter dressed up for her parent’s wedding!


Wedding Planner: Blaire @ Sparkles & Vintage www.savevents.com